Completed study on safety potential of cycle helmets

In a research project on behalf of the Departments of Transportation of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Thuringia, HFC examined the impact of cycle helmets on improving traffic safety and measures to increase helmet use among cyclists. The final report is now published (PDF in German). Overall we conclude that many injuries and fatalities in Germany could be avoided by cyclists wearing a bicycle helmet.

Cooperation agreement signed

HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH and m-click-aero GmbH will cooperate in order to provide state of the art situational awareness services for aeronautical traffic management in multiple airport control.

The companies will team up to combine’s expertise in the area of SWIM enabled aeronautical data integration, processing and delivery with HFC’s unique multi-airport control assistance MasterMAN®. With MasterMAN® HFC develops an innovative strategy and optimization tool, which supports air traffic and staff planning in multi-airport control operations. will provide the respective data integration and processing.

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Advanced (mobile) Information- and communication technology in control rooms

Beginning in March 2017 we are working on the topic of “Stress and strain of control room operators when using advanced interaction concepts and mobile ICT” on behalf of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health BAuA.

The project is part of a larger BAuA research program, in which potential hazards in control rooms arising from advanced ICT are investigated. The program aims at deriving required work design modifications. Of special interest in our project are novel communication technologies which support control room operators to exchange information on system status, maintenance works, etc. with their colleagues on site in the plant.

More information can be found in the project description.

Camera Monitor Systems as a source for driver information

HFC is starting a new project commissioned by the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt, German Federal Highway Research Institute) to investigate camera monitor systems (CMS) in a real world driving scenario.

Camera Monitor System

Such systems enable a video-assisted monitoring of the rear vehicle area via one or more monitors inside the vehicle. The projects purpose is to check perception, behavior, and safety issues related to the performance of a CMS compared to conventional exterior mirrors and to conclude possible requirements for future CMS.

More information can be found in the description of the project.

KUKoMo Project Website online

Since October 2016, HFC supports small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses in the development of innovative system solutions for human-robot-collaboration (HRC).

With our expertise regarding Human Factors and human-machine interaction, we will facilitate the implementation of robots into the concrete work places in terms of a sound collaboration between humans and robots.

Discover more about the project’s objectives, approach and our partners at (Website in German only).

Season’s greetings and a prosperous Year 2017

…with best wishes from HFC Human-Factors-Consult.

Besinnliche Festtage und ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2017

Cordial thanks for the pleasant cooperation during the past years.

Make a robot a colleague

Learn about the human-robot-interaction or other exciting topics from our portfolio. Since October 2016, we are working in two new robotic-projects, in which we observe the human-robot-collaboration from an ethical perspective and also deal with specific implementation for SMEs.

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ACTION-TV at the Media Days in Munich

Our project ACTION-TV was being presented at the Media days in Munich Germany held from October 25-27, 2016.

Action TV

With smart data, smart TV, and social media the project reflected quite well key topics of the exhibition. At the fair, you were able to meet a wide range of digital media professionals: TV and radio broadcasters, online and mobile content providers as well as companies in the areas of production and media technologies.

Learn more about the project from our new 360° video.

What happens if the professional rescue forces are not sufficient in severe thunderstorm conditions?

On the 8th of October HFC has conducted the second full scale exercise within the scope of the project ensure in cooperation with the project partners. More than 100 voluntary citizens, pretended injured actors of the DLRG, and professional rescue forces of the Berlin fire brigade and the German Red Cross have practiced such a thunderstorm scenario. Therein, the cooperation of engaged citizens and professional rescue forces was tested. In addition, more than 50 guests from the home and abroad took part to discuss together the new approach for the integration of spontaneous helpers.

ensure fullscale exercise

Two HFC project reports published by German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt

At an interval of only a few days, two reports of HFC were published, which were prepared in projects conducted for the German Federal Highway Research Institute.

BASt Berichte

In Wahrnehmungspsychologische Analyse der Radfahraufgabe (M 267) / Perceptual psychological analysis of the cycling task cyclists’ visual and acoustic perception of road traffic are explored, and identified types and causes of perceptional errors are reported (visit our project page).

Barrierefreiheit bei Fernlinienbussen (F 114) / Accessibility in long-distance buses deals with recommendations for long-distance bus accessibility, which would support the development of harmonised European requirements (visit our project page).

Both reports are available in German on the BASt website.

Field test of ENSURE

On the 17th of June, senator for internal affairs and sports Frank Henkel and fire director of Berlin Wilfried Gräfling gave the start signal for the volunteer-system: ENSURE.

ensure - App
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