ViBe: Cooperation with Sunpark

Project ViBe (virtual companion) – Cooperation with Sunpark, the senior citizen center of the “Evangelisches Johannesstift Altenhilfe”

With the Sunpark of the “Evangelisches Johannesstift Altenhilfe”, HFC has found a committed partner for the user-friendly design of the virtual companion. The project team was able to present ViBe successfully both at the open day at Sunpark and in the context of an event hosted by the leisure team of the assisted living.

Interested tenants of Sunpark were already interviewed, and were answering questions concerning their personal mobility requirements and needs. This summer, workshops for the design-use of the ViBe interface are planned to take place. We look forward to working with the senior citizens and would also like to thank the Sunpark staff for their great support!

The Sunpark in Berlin-Neukölln offers housing and care especially for the elderly. The facilities consist of 285 assisted living apartments for rent with a choice of services on offer, the “Sunpark ambulant” mobile nursing service, and the residential care facility with 208 in-patient nursing care places.

Additionally, there is also a public restaurant on the premises.

Contact: Sunpark, Mariendorfer Weg 22-27, 12051 Berlin, Tel: 62 987 0