4th Berlin Symposium for Driver-Modeling – Call for Papers

Driver models for science and industry 13th -14th June 2013 – Berlin


For modern automobile development, driver models have been indispensable tools for quite some time. There is an increasing demand for more comprehensive models, which can simulate typical human characteristics. Especially in the field of driver assistance system development, important issues are being reexamined, such as the question of how similar to real humans driver models should be. In recent years, the increased demand of modeling human behavior in interactive Embedded Systems can also be observed. Likewise, there is an increased demand for microscopic modeling approaches in the field of traffic simulation, in order to describe the individual agents in complex traffic situations.

Another field of application for driver models is traffic and safety research, as well as the traffic planning department. In the modeling process, the focus on single drivers is extended to man-man and man-machine cooperations. The range of modeling subjects, such as the physicality of the driver, his motoric skills, cognitive processes, strategies, planning and behavior, or tasks and errors, is extended to the modeling of cooperation and conflict, from both global and local targets.

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