HFC celebrates its 10th anniversary

More than 10 years have passed since the day HFC was founded, and that is a reason to celebrate! And celebration there was – with over 100 guests, our friends, colleagues, partners, customers, companions and alumni of HFC, we turned May 31st into a bona fide feast day for HFC.

10J_tju_hkoThe colorful program started in the afternoon with a reception. The founder and managing director, Prof. Dr.-Ing Thomas Jürgensohn reflected on 10 years of scientific research and consultancy for HFC, as well as reminiscing on the diversity of completed projects. He emphatically thanked the staff, supporters, research partners and customers for the productive and successful cooperation, and for their trust and confidence.

10J_Manzey_komprimiertGuest speaker Prof. Dr. Dietrich Manzey from the Department of Labor, Engineering and Organisational Psychology at the Technical University of Berlin, then spoke on the theme: “Human Factors: As a successful business model can be based on experimental psychology and Swiss cheese.”


Over the course of the afternoon, our guests had the opportunity to learn about work results from HFC through various demonstrations and demonstrational devices, including driving simulators, tunnel simulators, the “Stargate 2” (a measuring station for head-related transfer functions), an introduction to the HFC Fatigue scale MINI and the demonstration of the online recognition of emotional states. One of the highlights was our newly developed hearing cave, in which objects can be located precisely based on auditory cues, and in which we invited our guests for a fun game of catching imaginary bees.

The evening program provided not only a dinner, live music and dancing, but also an opportunity for professional and social networking.

We would again like to thank our guests for the joy of celebrating our anniversary with them.