Construction of a hrtf test site

In cooperation with Audio Communication Group of TU Berlin HFC designed a hrtf test site. Thereby it is possible to measure the filter function of pinna, the so called hrtf (head related transfer function).


This function is different for each person and so has to be measured individually. With individual hrtf one can produce a sound field via headphones, which corresponds to natural hearing and is therefore perceived as extremely realistic.

The test site is constructed build up via an aluminum skeleton (3,50 m diameter), where several loudspeakers are fixed. The person who is measured sits on a rotary disc in the middle of the construction. Small microphones in the ears record how the sounds from the loudspeakers arrive at test person’s inner ear. Hence the individual hrtf can be calculated.

Europe-wide there exist only a few of those test sides. In contrast to other test sides the system developed by HFC allows a full spherical measurement. With a measuring time about five minutes it is the fastest known measuring system.

The test side is currently under construction in the acoustic laboratory of TU Berlin.