4th Future Congress “Bringing Technology to People” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF

The future congress of BMBF took place May 21 and 22 in Bonn under the topic “with sovereignty into the digital future”. The event was stage for discussions on human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence. Many of the BMBF-funded joint research projects presented their developments. As consortium manager of our concomitant research project ARAIG we attended the congress, discussed research and progress with our colleagues from the different projects and tried out their research exhibits. Thomas gave an impulse presentation on our project Kamäleon  on Wednesday. We collected a lot of input, also for our other MRI-projects like MIRobO.

The day before the congress, ARAIG had invited all projects on service robotics to a meta consortial-meeting prepared by BAuA to the premises of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. During the event, central challenges for MRI from a labour research perspective were discussed, as well as research and legal aspects of an ethical design in assistance robotics, and practical solutions of data protection in assistance robotics research. The animated, practice-related exchange was a successful entry point into the topic and an excellent preparation for the future congress.