Project for CADwalk Global completed: ESA control room workstation for satellite and rover control

In a trend-setting project, we designed new ergonomic workplace concepts for ESA satellite and rover control operations for CADwalk Global in the past months. This included a new type of workstation design that is suitable for an increasing number of satellite missions that are managed by a control room operator. In addition to workplace ergonomics, we also looked at new ways of setting up control rooms.

At the beginning of 2020, we carried out observations in two control rooms at ESA in Darmstadt and talked to the operators. This was followed by an intensive design phase in which we developed two alternative workplace design concepts. Subsequently, we conducted a focus group with ESA staff – which was then already digital due to corona conditions. After the vivid discussion, one of the concepts allowing more flexibility to support future workshops with end-users prevailed, which is now being implemented by CADwalk Global.