Pro or Anti Drones? What’s your opinion?

Take the Europe wide survey on civil drones.

We are happy to announce, that ADACORSA`s survey on public acceptance for the use of drones is now live!

It is the most extensive survey of the kind, as it is available in 16 languages!

The survey will take 15-20 min and will refer to your personal opinion on the industrial and commercial use of drones. The survey applies to everyone, and all responses are anonymous.

To access the survey please click on the link below or scan the QR code. You will also find more details on our project and purpose in the introduction of the survey.

Your participation and answers are very valuable to our research!

Also feel free to forward this link/QR code to your friends, colleagues and family. The more voices we hear, the better we can understand general public’s stance on drones.

Thank you for your participation!