Project “AdaptKI-Assist” launched

In the project AdaptKI-Assist, an assistance system is being developed that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate the setup and operation of packaging production machines.

The production of packaging materials made of paper or film in production chains with different degrees of automation currently requires particularly experienced personnel. However, the shortage of skilled workers makes it necessary to quickly enable inexperienced employees to set up and operate the machines. For this purpose, together with the partners COVAC Elektro und Automation, Heinrich Ludwig Verpackungsmittel and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, an assistance system will be developed which provides adaptive support during machine set-up and operation. The assistance system is trained with the help of the latest machine learning methods in order to provide information and recommendations based on the production parameters but also on the knowledge of experienced employees. In the project, we are responsible for collecting implicit and explicit knowledge as well as user needs, designing the XR user interface and evaluating the system.