2nd Berlin Symposium for Driver Modeling

Driver modeling in science and industry – 19 – 20th June 2008, Berlin

After the first successful Berlin symposium on driver modeling, many participants expressed their desire to regularly conduct the conference as a forum for an intensive exchange of ideas and experiences. The second symposium driver modeling should however not simply be a repetition of the first, rather a further development of form and content. The disposition of the workshop during the first symposium is proven and has thus been preserved. In fact the intense and sometimes very controversial discussions provide essential insights at the conference. Additonally an invitation policy encompassing broader disciplines and a moderate growth in the participant groups had been considered and therefore vitalized the symposium.

The title “driver modeling in science and industry” has remained unchanged. The submitted contributions show that psychologically profound driver modeling has been given greater consideration. Driver modeling has established itself as a research field in applied cognitive psychology and has emerged as a significant and vital community. The contentual goal of the second symposium was to consider the active development of driver models with a disciplinary background in psychology, as well as to discuss their reference to the application in the automotive industry.

 Conference Proceedings

T. Jürgensohn & H. Kolrep (Hrsg.) (2008). Fahrermodellierung in Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. 2. Berliner Fachtagung Fahrermodellierung. 19./20. Juni 2008. Fortschritssbericht des VDI in der Reihe 22 (Mensch-Maschine-Systeme), VDI-Verlag. (ISBN 978-3-18-302822-1)