Simulators offer the advantage of allowing more diverse problems (e.g. traffic) to be investigated in a very efficient manner that could not be achieved in field experiments.

Depending on the problem, we can use one of our many in-house simulators to investigate, which include:




The HFC Spatial Audio Simulator for questions regarding audial perception and orientation.






The Driving Simulator, with which we can investigate traffic-psychological issues (e.g. driver attention and workload).



VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


The Tunnel Simulator, a very versatile tool for the simulation of different tunnel geometries and equipment variations.





The Roll Handling Simulator, used for studying the attentional focus and stress levels of a pilot.





The HFC Inspection Simulator, which helps investigating issues regarding signage, advertising effectiveness and behavior in dangerous situations. Our inspection simulators offer the possibility of evaluating  several important qualities (e.g. route guidance, safety devices, effects of the building’s general layout) of buildings and structures even before their completion, using 3D building models in order let real persons inspect and test them.