Our main focus

Specialisation on a broad foundation

We generally work across all sectors and are flexible in opening up new fields of application. Thanks to long-standing customer relationships and technical specialisations within the team, we have nevertheless developed key areas in which we are particularly experienced.

Usability and User Experience (UUX)

Usability and user experience of software and hardware are essential in order to manage tasks effectively and at the same time relieve and satisfy users. We use customised research and development methods to maximise the UUX for you.

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For us, accessibility is not just a concept, but an attitude: in line with the design-for-all approach, we design digital and physical components of human-machine interfaces in such a way that they are easy and intuitive to use for the largest possible user group.

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Robots and HRI

In addition to usability and safety, socio-psychological aspects also play a decisive role when interacting with cobots and service robots. We are an experienced partner in this exciting and complex field of application.

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Traffic Safety

Based on behavioural studies, accidents analyses and surveys, we identify traffic hazards, evaluate measures to improve road safety and design safe and sustainable mobility.

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Modern assistance systems form a central interface between driver, vehicle and environment. They ensure greater comfort, increase driving safety and prevent accidents. We support you throughout the entire development cycle to ensure that interactions are intuitive and simple.

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Human Factors in Aviation improves the safety and efficiency of air traffic, taking into account human capabilities, limitations and behaviour. In addition to analysing and evaluating systems, we develop our own assistance systems for airports.

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Behaviour Modelling

We have been developing models of human behaviour, especially of car drivers, for 20 years. With dynamic models of human behaviour in technical environments, predictions can be made within certain limits and with a certain degree of accuracy in the context of simulations.

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New Mobility

The 'new mobility' requires a comprehensive change in the way we travel. We accompany this change with the evaluation and development of mobility concepts, acceptance analyses of new mobility options and studies in our own HFC driving simulator or in the field.

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Human Factors and Safety

Our core concern is to make human work in socio-technical systems safe and pleasant. Human Factors is concerned with the application of knowledge about people, their abilities, characteristics and limitations to the design of the devices they use ...

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Control Rooms

Control rooms are local workspaces and control stations that are used to monitor, control and manage systems and infrastructures. We offer comprehensive human factors services for the ergonomic design of control centres in accordance with the DIN standard.

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Medical Technology

We support you in all phases of the human-centred development of medical technologies. Whether in the optimisation of medical software and hardware, in preparatory requirements analyses or hands-on product tests and user surveys with end customers and patients.

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Consumer Technology

Technological products, services and applications for personal use are usually designed to be useful, entertain, communicate or promote productivity. We support technology partners in the design of such products.

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