Feb 5, 2024

First field tests for rokit successfully completed

The first field test in the rokit project came to an end recently. For almost two weeks, the mobile robot platform MULI drove at walking pace through the aisles of a MediaMarkt store in Chemnitz, equipped with a screen for customer information, loaded with measuring equipment and under the constant observation of our research colleagues.

As part of the preparations, we worked with our project partners to develop a data protection-compliant camera system, an online tool for the standardized observation of human-robot interactions and a guideline for the heuristic evaluation of accessibility. In addition to the robot itself, all of this was also tested in field tests and is now being further developed.

The aim of the rokit project is to create a competence center for robotics in public spaces. Experience, tools and methods for structured field tests are to become part of this center's offering. In this way, we want to help manufacturers, users and research groups to cross the bridge from the test laboratory to productive use more quickly in the future.

The rokit consortium under the leadership of HFC is funded by the BMBF in the period from 10/22 to 10/2025.

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