Dec 22, 2023

Season's greetings

2023 was a year that, for many people in Europe and around the world, was once again very different from what we would have wished for or imagined. Uncertainty, concerns and sadness give little cause for cheer. We are therefore hoping first and foremost that many things will change for the better in this respect in the coming year.

We are all the more grateful that the past twelve months, at least for us as a company, were characterized above all by enjoyable events and positive developments. For example, we were able to celebrate our 20th company anniversary! Even if we don't feel like it, this makes us almost an old hand in our field and we are pleased to note that: The general interest in the relationship between humans and technology is unbroken. And at the same time, this is subject to constant change. The topic of accessibility, for example, is finally slowly emerging from its niche existence to become a given. Applications such as the VBB Easy app, whose accessibility development we were able to support, are helping to achieve this. The app was shortlisted for the German Mobility Award in November. Inclusive technology development is also playing an increasingly important role in robotics, as we can see in our executive work at the rokit competence center. Particularly when robots are used in public spaces, criteria such as safety or usability are simply no longer sufficient. Another encouraging development is the emerging replacement of the decade-old goal of full automation with a more human and creative process design of Industry 5.0. In the KMU-innovativ project "ADAPT KI ASSIST", for example, we are involved in developing an AI-supported assistance system that helps workers set up machines.

Overall, we see that our research and development work is increasingly characterized by a deeper reflection on whether and how technology can enrich and facilitate our lives. We would like to thank our team, partners and customers who have accompanied and supported us on this journey. We look forward to tackling the challenges and opportunities of the new year with you.

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