Apr 8, 2024

VBB Olympklusion - Evaluations completed

We have been using public transport a lot recently - despite the numerous strikes. We have met with many people with learning and other disabilities. They tested two apps from the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Authority (VBB): VBB easy and VBB GuideMeGo. Both apps can be used easily to travel via public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The users tested the apps in everyday life. They used the apps on the underground, suburban trains, buses and trams. We accompanied them. For example, we asked them how easy it was to use the apps. The users rated them as very helpful. They had a lot of fun using them. And, we now know what can be done even better.

We had a lot of fun at the meetings and learned a lot. We would like to thank everyone involved from Special Olympics Germany, Special Olympics Berlin, Special Olympics Brandenburg and the Thikwa Theater!

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