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Accessibility for long-distance buses


Accessible app for public transport (Olympklusion)

Requirements analysisUser ResearchField testsWalk-through

Air traffic controllers of the future simultaneously at several airports (OMNyFlug)

Traffic Forecastingmachine learningRemote Control Centre

Automated generation of surgery reports (KIARA)

Automationsurgical reportRequirements analysisWork process analysis

Automated tunnel monitoring (AUTUKAR)

Graphical User Interface (GUI)Traffic simulation3D VisualisationRisk assessment

Autonomous robots for assistance functions - Interactive basic skills (ARAIG)

TaxonomyKnowledge managementVirtual Reality (VR)

Development of an AI-supported assistance system for machine operation (AdaptKI-Assist)

knowledge-based systems

Digitalisation in aviation with d-NOTAM


Energy-optimised control and incident management (ELS)

Rail VehiclesIncident management

Establishment of a robot competence and interaction test centre (rokit)

AutomationEvaluationHuman Machine Interface (HMI)Road traffic

Human factors evaluation in the flight simulator


Light electric vehicles that automatically adapt to the traffic environment (Kamäleon)

Light E-VehiclesAcceptanceHuman Machine Interface (HMI)

Making the environment audible as an orientation aid for the blind (OIWOB)

ObservationUser-Centered Design (UCD)Hearing simulatorFocus groups

Taxonomy of human errors in driving tasks

Driving errorTaxonomySimulator study

Turning assistant for trucks with 3D LIDAR sensor technology (ABALID)

Turning accidents CyclingEvaluationUser-Centered Design (UCD)

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