Industries & Projects

HFC specializes in the design and implementation of technical systems and software interfaces with regard to usability, product experience, acceptance, and safety. With an interdisciplinary team which combines expertise from psychology, engineering, mathematics, and computer science, problems of adapting hardware and software to human requirements are solved. This includes, amongst others, the evaluation of driver assistance systems and the investigation of the measurability of fatigue. Our customers come from the automotive, railway and aviation industries as well as from safety and medical engineering.


HFC assists with the design and implementation of new operational concepts and systems at airports and in Air Traffic Control.


Consulting and evaluation services for the automotive branch have been core components of our operational range ever since the company was founded.


HFC supports the design of display systems and the planning of courses of action and organizational structures of regional rail and public transport institutions.


HFC provides services for high-reliability industries aiming at the optimization of the safety and reliability of their operations.


In addition to the design of medical products, there is a particular focus on ques-tions of accessibility for products and systems.