ABALID – Turning Assistance for Truck Drivers

In cooperation with the engineering company Spies and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology we are developing an assistance system to avoid dangerous turning accidents between cyclists and large vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.). At the conclusion of the project we will present a prototype, which will enable us to…

  • detect cyclists,
  • predict critical situations when turning,
  • and provide effective warnings for both drivers and cyclists.

lkw02_v05The assistance system links LIDAR sensors with CMOS sensors. Algorithms, which are known from autonomous vehicles will be used for object recognition. We are supported by our project partners in heavy goods vehicle traffic (MAN, Meyer & Meyer, BSR) and the General German Bicycle Association (adfc e.V.).

Our approach combines the following methods:

  • User surveys with truck drivers and cyclists and observations in real traffic
  • Testing of system performance in simulations and real traffic
  • HMI design and evaluation (interaction concepts, GUI design, usability testing)
  • Validation on test tracks and in real traffic.


  • KIT Karlsruher Institute of Technology
  • Engineering company Spies


For further informations see our project website.