HFC provides expertise for the design and implementation of new operational concepts and systems at airports and Air Traffic Control in general. Our services in aviation include task and requirement analyses, the design and evaluation of operational concepts and systems as well as a human-centered introduction approach via change management. HFC provides support with human factors cases meeting SESAR ATM-Master aviation standards, the design and evaluation of interface concepts, as well as human factors trainings and courses in cooperation with the Human Factors Academy. Our human factors analyses take into account the perspectives of different players and stakeholders.

Applied Methods

  • HF-Cases
  • Eye tracking
  • Heuristic evaluation


Reference projects

Optimization of airport multiple control by using dynamic flight data – OMNyFlug

The remote control of several airports from a control center (Multi Remote Tower Center) is intended to address the current market and cost pressures at regional and small airports by optimizing personnel deployment and improving processes.

Digitalization in aviation with d-NOTAM

The goal of the project is the development and evaluation of a software solution for the intuitive acquisition and automated processing of digital NOTAMs (notice to airmen). NOTAMs are short, ... Weiterlesen


The European Research Project addresses development and qualification of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems (AdCoS) where many humans and many machines act together.

MasterMAN® – An Innovative Planning Tool for “Multi-Airport Remote Control”

An innovative planning tool for "Multi-Airport Remote Control". This assistance system allows air traffic controllers to plan more effectively by providing them with an overview of flights at up to three airports

VICTOR – Virtual Control Tower Research Studies

VICTOR is a project conducted on behalf of the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (German Air Navigation Service) within the framework of Lufo-IV's re-search program Innovative AirPort (iPort). In cooperation with other partners, HFC worked on a new air traffic controller workstation designed from a human factors perspective.

HALS/DTOP – Work Situations in the Cockpit for Dual Threshold Operation

The aim of the study was to investigate the impact of dual-threshold operations on southern runway approaches at Frankfurt Airport from pilots’ perspectives.

Signage and Path-Finding to Terminals

We determined the search strategies of people on their way through particular areas as well as the degree of distraction from available route information.