Holistic Human Factors and System Design of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems

ArtemisThe European Research Project HoliDES adresses the development and qualification of Adaptive Cooperative Human-Machine Systems (AdCoS) where many humans and machines act in a high efficient and adaptive way together. These include safety-critical applications in sectors of automotive, aeronautics, control rooms and healthcare domains. It is a three-year ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project, which began in October 2013. It will be carried out by a consortium comprised of 31 partners from 7 countries.

The major goals of the project are the design of adaptiveness strategies for the mentioned complex human-machine systems and the establishment of the Human Factors Reference Technology Platform (HF RTP). The platform will combine different tools and methods together to support the interoperability and human factors engineering process within the whole system life cycle.

Holides APs

HFC leads and performs work dedicated to the definition and implementation of the HF RTP. In addition we deal with formal modeling of the human-machine-interaction and task analysis according to AdCoS. We will develop a tool, which aim is to foster and optimize the task analysis. Task analysis is a helpful procedure often used in human factors practice, but its conduction is very time-consuming and the applicability of the generated knowledge often limited. The new tool will facilitate the data collection process and will allow a modular visualization of the results (tasks, those elements and structures).