MasterMAN® – An Innovative Planning Tool for “Multi-Airport Remote Control”

Many smaller airports provide air traffic control despite a low traffic volume. Due to uneven workload distributions during the day, air traffic controllers at these regional airports are regularly underloaded. Thus, control centers for remote surveillance have been developed in various international projects. Based on these projects, a new role of an air traffic controller has been defined, which includes the monitoring and control of all flight movements for up to three airports (Multi-Airport Remote Controller – MARCo). For the successful operation of a MARCo a new workplace as well as a new assistance system is required. This assistance system allows air traffic controllers to plan more effectively by providing them with an overview of flights at the respective airports.


  • Overview of traffic situations at airports
  • Display of flight movement details
  • Representation of temporal conflicts between aircraft movements
  • Optimization of event time slots
  • Interactive handling
  • Connection to the flight plan data system
  • Support during transfers of airport control (in heavy traffic)


  • Flexible workforce
  • Reduction in personnel costs
  • Reduction of airport infrastructure costs
  • Multi-airport control
  • No mental overload or underload for controllers.
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen.


MasterMAN®– The Future of Multi-Airport Remote Control Starts Now – Be a Part of It!