Optimization of airport multiple control by using dynamic flight data – OMNyFlug

The remote control of several airports from a control center (Multi Remote Tower Center) is intended to address the current market and cost pressures at regional and small airports by optimizing personnel deployment and improving processes. Safety will also be significantly increased at landing fields where a control zone could be active temporarily by using remote control. However, implementing remote control of several airports from one control centre requires new technological approaches and new tasks for air traffic controllers.

The OMNyFlug project is mainly focused on the new tasks of planning and coordinating flight movements at the controlled airports by by the air traffic controllers in the Multi Remote Tower Center. The aim of the project is to develop a planning tool for remote control by using and refining available air traffic data. These systems support air traffic controllers in the cost-saving distribution of personnel resources while maintaining high safety requirements.

In the project, flight planning data and real-time data as well as weather data are merged and prepared for the planning systems. This enables a comprehensive and accurate picture of the current and future air traffic situation. Using machine learning methods, conflict situations will be identified and solutions will be calculated for the air traffic controllers and supervisors. Intuitive, graphical user interfaces will be designed and implemented for a smooth interaction with the modules. Finally, the planning systems will be tested with air traffic controllers.