BioLED – Individualised Lightning Functional Clothing

The objective of this research project was the development of an application which uses the therapeutic effects of monochromatic, colored light. The main focus of work was the investigation and development of light-based methods that can be used to increase human mental performance and support their cognitive processes.
HFC tested the therapeutic effects of monochromatic, colored light on human performance in laboratory experiments where different variations of the light irradiation were examined:
BioLED Versuchsaufbau

  • intermittent vs. continuous light,
  • different wavelengths on the light spectrum: blue, green, red, white.

Both psychological tests as well as interviews were conducted and the physiological data ECG, EOG, respiratory rate and skin conductance were recorded. The implications of monochromatic light on human attention, concentration, fatigue/activation, working memory, arousal and mental load were the interesting issues.

BioLED GlassesThe results were used to identify dependencies between lightning conditions and psycho-physiological states. We investigated which lightning properties are optimal to enhance the cognitive performance and derived possible applications. User studies were conducted to validate the usability and acceptance of the applications.



  • Laboratory Experiments
  • Driving Simulator
  • Driving Study
  • Physiological Measurement
  • HFC Fatigue Scale®