e-SENSE – Capturing Ambient Intelligence for Mobile Communication through Wireless Sensor Networks


As part of the EU project e-Sense – “Capturing Ambient for Mobile Communications through Wireless Sensor Networks”, between 2005 and 2007 HFC has been working on intelligent, wireless sensor networks, collaborating with 23 partners from industry and research (among others: Fujitsu, Siemens and Mitsubishi). In a highly user-centered approach, body and environmental sensors were used to facilitate new applications and services which respond in a way that is highly adjusted to environmental conditions, human needs and moods.

e_sense_1The main focus of our work based on our long-term expertise in the field of measuring human physiological variables and mediating between the technical and user requirements. Our work included the analysis of the user requirements for sensory networks and possible applications, the development of user scenarios as well as the validation of specific example use cases. We examined the heart rate variability, skin conductance and voice frequency in different application scenarios, thus expanding our expertise in measuring mood data. As a result, we created a reliable algorithm for physiological mood data classification, which enables the researchers to collect data about a person’s level of activation online. A GUI illustrated the mood change.

More information about the project please visit www.ist-esense.org



  • Requirements Definition
  • Scenarios & GUI-Design
  • Physiological Measurement
  • Statistics