HFC supports the design of display systems and the planning of courses of action and organizational structures of regional rail and public transport institutions. One focus of our work lies on the development of energy efficiency measures aiming at the achievement of the highest possible acceptance for the relevant actors (drivers and scheduling). To achieve this goal, gamification approaches and a holistic change management are utilized, in addition to systems with optimized UX and usability properties. When it comes to projects from the Railway sector, HFC works in close co-pperation with the Chair of Schienenfahrwege und Bahnbetrieb (Rail and Railway Operations) at the Technical University of Berlin, Prof. Siegmann.

Applied Methods

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Gamification

Some of our Reference Projects:

SBB Train drivers‘ working environment

We made an experts report to analyse possible future shifts in the train driver profession and their working conditions.

SecuRail – Development of a System Solution for Safety Monitoring of Regional Rail Transport

To ensure the early detection of dangerous situations in regional rail transport, the joint project SecuRail is developing a video-based system capable of identifying potentially hazardous situations automatically in door areas and carriage interiors of regional trains.

ELS – Energy Optimization for Subways

In the context of project ELS a system was developed, which enables energy sav-ings for the operation of regional rail transport systems.