SBB Train drivers‘ working environment

Expert’s report: Safety assessments of the actual state and future deelopments

SBB_3Train drivers work demand are growing in ever faster and ever denser railway traffic. Furthermore, the intended use of the new technologies modifies additionally the work situation of the locomotive stuff. All this changes affect largely the railway network safety. Therefore the Schweizerische Bundesbahn (Swiss Federal Railways) charged a consortium of extern experts (HFC, Safety Coaching, iafob OCI) to investigate the work situations of train driver and possible influencing factors to accidents.

Within the project, HFC conducted a series of field studies and examined the impact of the following factors:

  • signalisation
  • usability of input and display devices
  • ergonomics in the cab
  • information and communication flow

SBB_4In addition, HFC performed an analysis dedicated to the possible future shifts in the train driver profession and his working conditions, which can occur as a result of planned technical developments and/or projected traffic increases.

The project was successfully realised and completed in 2013. The findings included in the expertise enabled to identify the areas of development and to counter safety risks.



  • Literatur Analysis
  • Hierarchical Task Analysis
  • Field studies


Client: SBB Schweizerische Bundesbahn (Swiss Federal Railways)

Partner: Safety Coaching, iafob OCI GmbH