The aim of the Kamäleon project is to further develop kickTrike©, an electric lightweight vehicle by Constin GmbH. It is specially designed for urban and intermodal transport. It can transport loads and can also be taken on public transport like a bicycle.


In the future, the kickTrike© will be able to adapt even better to mixed traffic and not only on the road (max. 45 km/h) but also on foot and bicycle paths. For this purpose, it is necessary that the vehicle automatically detects the pedestrian area and subsequently reduces its maximum speed. In addition, the kickTrike© will be able to send visual or acoustic signals to interact with its environment. It automatically changes its visual appearance when it switches from one traffic area (a road, for example) to another (e. g. cycle path). User tests are used to evaluate the acceptance of such a vehicle for mixed traffic. In addition, the legal requirements are reviewed. One of the goals is to create a green alternative to cars.