Services & Products

We support development projects by interpreting between users and developers. The goal is to develop task-appropriate, usable and safe products. Following our parallel-iterative approach we implement a user-oriented development process in accordance with best practice from human factors engineering. End-users are involved in early development stages to evaluate concepts and designs. Our proceedings are characterized by a structured approach, ensure an efficient project implementation and meet high quality standards.

We reduce the risks and costs of aberrations by considering user needs early in the design process.

  • Efficient methods of usability engineering are implemented on time and in a cost-effective manner
  • The performance of human-machine interaction is optimized.
  • User satisfaction grows.

Costs for support and maintenance are reduced.

User Studies

We study many human factors concepts and issues with (potential) users and user groups.

Test Drives

We offer the technical competence to equip experimental vehicles with measuring technology as well as expertise in the human sciences for the conduct of experiments. With this self-concept in mind, ... Weiterlesen

Statistical Analysis

The purpose of the experimental data analysis is evaluation, preparation, presenta-tion and interpretation of the data. Therefore we use descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. Machine learning generally refers to an artificial system that learns from examples and makes certain statements about the data, after comple-tion of the learning phase.

MasterMAN® – An innovative planning tool for “Multi-Airport Remote Control”

This assistance system allows air traffic controllers to plan more effectively by providing them with an overview of flights at the respective airports.

Usability & User Experience

We conceptualize, design, develop and/or test the usability and overall user experience of your product/system.

Video-based Evaluation of Drowsiness while Driving

HFC is Germany's market leader in the assessment of drowsiness. We conduct drowsiness studies in the field or in simulators, for which we use the HFC-drowsiness scale for the assessment of driver state.

Driver Modeling

Models of human driving are needed as a replacement for real tests, in order to control simulated vehicles in simulated environments.

Change Management

Summary The change process which occurs when new products and technologies are intro-duced in a company should be approached with full awareness at the beginning. We support you to master one of the biggest challenges: implementing change in a way that employees accept the new technology and support their implementa-tion.

Automotive standard tests for in-vehicle secondary tasks

HFC offers the conduct and analysis of standardized tests to assess in-vehicle secondary task demand.