Change Management

The introduction of new products and technologies in a business is always associated with a certain cultural change in the work habits of employees. It is one of the biggest challenges to design the introduction in a way that makes employees both accept the new technology and support their implementation.

The change process should be designed with full awareness from the start. A sound analysis and appropriate planning account for half of a project’s success. We offer support in all phases of change management:

  • Analysis – assessing the initial situation (why do we change?), the objects of change (technical systems, working procedures, organizational structure), attitudes, habits, needs as well as the perceived risks of all parties concerned,
  • Planning – developping a vision and a project plan, appointingproject teams and change agents, enabling the participation of change-affected employees,
  • Mobilization and implementation – communicating your vision, identifying and resolving conflicts and resentments, offering trainings, continuous feedback of achievements,
  • Evaluation – status evaluation, re-identifying requirements and evaluating and – if necessary – adapting the change-strategies.