User Studies

We study a number of human factors concepts and questions with (potential) users and user groups.

This includes the review of systems, GUIs or operational concepts with regard to various outcome measures, such as usability and user experience, acceptance or aesthetics, user experience or the learning ability of the system or selected functions.

ProbandenstudienWe examine general human factors concepts (stress and strain, vigilance, emotions, situational awareness) in the Automotive, Aviation, Railway, Safety and Medical sector. Traffic psychology and psychology of perception along with the use of appropriate methods and techniques are also part of our portfolio.

Potential users perform tasks in laboratory tests, or participate in driving studies in a simulator or in real traffic. Different methods are useful depending on the problem and/or project phase:

  • qualitative data collection: interviews, thinking aloud, observation, workshops.
  • quantitative data collection: controlled experiments with standardized questionnaires, using quantity and duration of completed tasks, error rate, eye tracking and psychophysiological parameters as measures.

We prepare, implement and/or carry out studies to answer your research questions. We also evaluate your studies and write the research report – in accordance with scientific standards if desired.

Application in the projects


  • HFC-Fatigue-Scale® for the assessment of driver drowsiness.
  • HFC-Simulators
  • Questionnaire for evaluating trademark values in the automotive industry.
  • Workshops and surveys
  • Observations
  • Driving studies
  • Measurement and analysis of physiology and eye-tracking.