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Effective research and development work requires interdisciplinary expertise, innovative minds and reliable project management. For 20 years, HFC has been offering exactly that for questions of human-machine interaction and is therefore one of the most experienced private institutes in this area.

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Scientific work within an economic framework

We provide scientific theory work, we design, implement and analyse user studies, we produce knowledge and thus ensure a reliable basis for decision-making. Our approach combines a high level of methodological competence in scientific work and statistical expertise with agile processes and a radically user-centred approach. The subject of our research is always the relationship between people and technology.

Reference project: Roboter Dings

“We start every project by listening a lot: To the customer, the users, but also within the team. This is how the most promising ideas emerge.”

- Dr. Astrid Oehme, CEO


Concepts, demonstrators and prototypes beyond the state of the art

We are experts in the conception, design and implementation of technical systems. The aim of our developments is to provide people with interactive tools to carry out activities more efficiently and reliably. We integrate the latest findings in perception and cognitive psychology with pioneering innovations in information technology to advance the state of the art. Nevertheless, the needs of the user are at the centre of all innovations.

Reference project: Turning assistant for trucks with 3D LIDAR sensor technology

“We don't have to constantly expand the state of the art -
but we at least want to keep questioning it.”

- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rodney Leitner, CEO


Methodological and technical support in the search for the best solution

We support transformation processes, lead research consortia and pass on our expertise in training courses and seminars. The aim of our consulting approach is to enhance our clients' specialist knowledge and experience through expertise in user-centred and interdisciplinary work. In close cooperation with universities and research institutes, we also actively promote the transfer of knowledge and technology from science to industry.

Reference project: Human-Factors-Validierung AKW Dings

User Centered Design

User-centred research and development

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